We place emphasis on managing strategic and innovative solutions to meet the challenges and changes of the socio-economic and dynamic environment.

Our Group extends a wide array of services and projects ranging from broad range of industries & markets and our portfolio includes:


Deal Box is a feature-rich and vertically integrated digital securities issuance and investment platform connecting entrepreneurs and investors to enable the future of investing and capital formation.

TNS – Digital Names

Change your complex public wallet keys to a simple Digital Name.


Rypplzz (rip·uhlz) is the spatial engineering company behind Interlife™, an all new world that entangles the digital and physical.

Measured Risk

Discover: Autonomous System that scans hundreds of millions of devices and data points

Synthesize: Distill and connect disparate data

Prioritize: Providing only what’s relevant 24/7, on-demand

Mint Air

Mint Air is an international aviation holding company that buys aircraft in the after-market and leases them to Part 135 charter operators. Its strategy of after-market purchases enables the Company to take advantage of the dramatic decline in aircraft prices.


The pre-order payment platform for hospitality and leisure.


Gorbyte is developing GNodes, a public, stochastic crypto-network with a distributed consensus far superior to Bitcoin


Blockchain venture funding STO platform for cannabis companies.

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