PRJKT (Project) VET is a Disabled Veteran, Black-owned product marketing, and consulting company. We give Veterans and everyday people a position as a member of a group that makes decisions. A seat at the table.full-service B2B marketing communications agency with deep experience across a broad range of industries, we specialize in brand development and strategic demand generation programs. If you have little or no internal marketing support, we are eager to serve as your full-service go-to partner. When outside perspective or help with special projects is needed, we partner with internal teams to refine strategies and execute tactics. Either way, we are committed to delivering distinctive, on-point work that drives results.

PRJKT VET sees the vast opportunity that exists within LinkedIn, but few are actually doing anything about it. We can teach you how to create and drive leads from groups relevant to your business vertical. Groups are a meaningful platform for engagement with prospects and customers to spark and maintain interest in your products and services. Displaying thought leadership will reinforce your position as the leader in your business segment – a helpful place to be when prospects are deciding with whom to partner. We understand lead generation is a key priority for B2B businesses and companies.

We also know that it’s about lead quality as much as volume. Our focus is always on generating targeted leads with prospects that are in the market for your services, uncovering the opportunities that are of most value to your company now. Most companies have realized that, when done right, social media can be a powerful tool for driving sales. The problem is that oftentimes companies don’t have a real idea of how to leverage social media in a way that gets results. With our LinkedIn marketing services, we can integrate social media with the rest of your inbound marketing efforts to help you drive sales and generate highly targeted leads.

Our goal is to build long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers. This means that we assume full responsibility for whatever parts of your marketing strategy that we take on and we work to constantly improve and refine those campaigns. We take time to time to learn about your company and the unique challenges you face. Only then do we devise and execute marketing strategies that can take your business to the next level.

We’re a small, friendly company, jammed with expertise, drive, and commitment – and we take pride in the relationships we’ve developed over the years within the global B2B industry. We have a full-time team and business networks of more than 100 LinkedIn Groups covering multiple sectors and industries worldwide. You spend millions of dollars building trust between your brand and your customers. And hundreds of hours creating the right materials to communicate it to the world. Protect those efforts in the field with Seismic features for things like content management, automation, distribution, brand and regulatory compliance, and sales content analytics.

It’s about understanding what content is driving revenue, what content is not getting used, and automating materials that are currently being manually updated and re-created. It’s about creating sales materials through a data-driven process — resulting in a lower-cost, higher performing sales content effort.